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I’m an Italian person who lived 8 years in Argentina, introverted, shy, intelligent, friendly, realistic, gentlemanly, educated. I’m absolutely legal in the Kingdom of Spain. I like poetry, romantic ballads in Castilian, Catalan, Portuguese, French, Italian & English (da other musical genres don´t belong 2 me). I'm a neat guy, I like 2 have conversations ´bout different topics, laugh, movies & original subtitled series, exotic restaurants, readin´ ´bout history, politics & chronicles, computer science, technology, da etymology of languages, museums & much more. I like art in all its forms; I dislike goin´ out 4 shopping but 4 travel (tourism). Political trends: pure left. I dislike clubbing’s (I don´t usually like livin´ da nite). Food habits: White meat (pork is red) roasted, natural or boiled vegetables. I avoid fried meals, onion, pepper, broth and soup. I drink juices fruit, unsweetened & decaffeinated soft drinks (when available); no brand near beer (without alcohol), decaffeinated sweetened cappuccino, cold tea sugar free, ColaCao sugar free wz skimmed milk & wz sweetener. As alternative: malt wz skimmed milk and sweetener, toast fat reduced & sugar free jam fruit. I´m a no smoker (cannabis as well) & an abstemious. I´m a computer literate Windows Ten Preview release expert & passionate of Android 8 (last 1 I got). I´m an environmentalist & in favor of da male-female rights equality. Anyway, I´m simple & good people. 1 of my favorite slogans: UNTIL ALWAYS!
Italiano, Castellano, Français, English, Catalá, Português