How It Works For Students?



Find your accommodation, chatting owner, send booking request to owner.

We do our best

We do our best to help you to find a right place and make you feel safe.

Do it easily

Find your right place



The landlord must confirm the request within 24 hours maximum, and then the client can make the payment of the first month with an additional service fee commission. We blocked the payment in our account. After making the payment, the client will receive a payment code which he or she will give to the landlord once he or she approved. Only with that payment code, the landlord will be able to receive the money from us.

What are you paying for?

First month rent:first month rent is paid through

Service Fee commission covering our expenses



Get the keys and give the payment code to the landlord with the deposit. The payment will be transferred to the account of landlord once he or she entered the payment code on the website.


Don't give the payment code to the landlord until you are in the correct room

Relax! You have the control until you moved in right place

StudentsBooking Guaranteed!

If it's not as same as on the pictures, will make 100% refund to students. If your booking has cancelled on the last day, we will provide 2 nights hostel accommodation and we will find for you a place!

How It Works For Landlords?


Free Listing Your Property

Fill your property features in a few easy steps and upload some pictures.


Accept Booking Request

In order to complate reservation, accept the booking request.


Get Your Payment

Sign the contract, get paid for deposit.

Give keys, get the secret code.

Enter secret code on to get your payment.