Property Property Property Property

Restrictions & Rules

Males allowed: Yes
Females allowed: Yes
Couples allowed: Yes
Pets allowed: No
Smoking allowed: No
Overnight visits allowed: No
LGBT allowed: Yes

Provider Rental Conditions

Pricing & Policies

  • €650 /Month
  • Maximum 2 Person
  • Minimum Stay 1 Month


  • Water Included
  • Electricity Included
  • Internet Included


  • Type Security deposit
  • Paid to Accommodation Provider
  • Value €300


It’s a many wood´s details house, comfortable, wz a good dining room surrounded by windows that overlook da patio & da Argentine style barbecue.

Free use of an external covered storage room is offered 4 empty suitcases if needed.


It´s a pleasant neighborhood wz a view of da town and da mountains; dare´s a bus line nearby that leads 2 da train station, da local shopping mall, McDonald’s restaurant & da two main supermarkets (Aldi and Mercadona); it also passes through da communal open pool.

Da house has a patio whose floor is planned 2 be refurbished & a swimming pool at da moment out of service.

No private parking for cars is offered as it is occupied by my car (if u need help for shopping there`s no problem at all), but if u´ve a motorcycle u can share private parking.

Da train line leads 2 Plaza España (Spain Square) in Barcelona, from where take on several subway & buses lines, where there´s a shopping mall into an old arena

Montjuic`s funicular access.

Guest´s attention: I´m completely at guest`s disposal


Shared TV set

Multi-format & multi-zone DVD player

Android player 4 USB flash memories & external portable HDDs

Free fiber 500 Mb Wi-Fi 24/7 (PSK2 Key)

Air conditioner

Furnished room

Exterior view of da mountains & da city

Dishwasher garden grill / barbecue

Computer´s desktop & a comfortable chair 4 working


Iron, washing machine, ironing board

Core items

Towels, sheets, liquid soap & toilet paper

Hot water


Free street´s parking 4 cars

Shared dining room

Shared living room

Shared laundry room

Shared kitchen available 4 da guests use

Services & common areas

Hosts reception

Shared lounge

135 X 90 Storage bed´s double bedroom

There`s a shared bathroom wz a double shower.

Hangers 2 guarantee privacy &security, da private room can be locked just from inside

Security functions

Fire extinguisher

Additional amenities

Outdoor area

Daily cleaning included

Landlord lives in da property

Additional rules

No smoking inside

No parties (outload music, etc.)

Friendships reunions allowed (lunches, Dinners, Barbecue, etc,)

Pets unallowed

All regular bills included

Additional fees & charges

Damage deposit

Guests pay a damage deposit of: € 300,00-

Guests collect your damage deposit by: PayPal

Returning your damage deposit by: PayPal, da check-out ´s day

Check-in & check-out times

Check-in from 10:00 to 20:00

Check-out from 08:00 To 10:00

Guest address details

Guests don´t have 2 provide their complete address details when they book, just

Country & spoken languages

Guest fone #

Guests must provide a working fone # when they book

Age limit: 18-65

No curfew

Children unallowed

Guest ll b charged da total price if they cancel at any time.

Full payment at da booking time.

There´s no capacity for extra beds in da room.

Local connections´

 Llobregat Line – Anoia (Plaza España / Sant Vicenç Dels Horts)

Zone 2`s ticketing system.

Da lines that stop at that stations r da S8 (Martorell- Enlace), S33 (from Can Ros) & S4 (Olesa De Montserrat).

Since February 9, 2008, da R5 / R50 (Manresa) and R6 / R60 (Igualada) lines also stop in da town; securing da so-called subway of da Lower Llobregat.

Da municipality is connected by bus through lines L60, L61 and L62 wz da rest of da region.

In addition, several lines stop next 2 da Cuatro Caminos station (N-340), such as lines 518, 560, L50 and L57.

There`s also a new line linking da town of Torrellas wz da San Vicente de los Huertos train stop, replacing da previous L62M.

Da concessionary companies of da daytime interurban bus service are Soler i Sauret & Autocorb (in da case of lines from Corbera).

L60: Inaugurated on 19/11/2010, & which allows going from da Vincentian population 2 da new hospital of San Juan Despí-TV3 (start-end) through Molins de Rei & San Feliú de Llobregat

L61: San Baudilio De Llobregat – San Vicente – Francisco Macià (Barcelona)

L62: Torrellas – Collblanc (Barcelona) L50: Vallirana – Collblanc (Barcelona)

L57: Vallirana – Francisco Macià (Barcelona) L71: Torrellas – San Vicente

518: Corbera – Molins de Rei – Barcelona 560: Corbera – Molins de Rei – Regional hospita

It has 4 return expeditions from Barcelona at 00:29 (N41), 01:16 (N51), 03:07 (N41), 04:07 (N51) Nite Bus (NitBus).

It stops in da vicinity of da stables Panadés and da CEIP Juncadella in San Vicente de los Huertos.

Da stops in Barcelona r in da round of da university (between da Catalonia Square and University Square) & in Spain Square (on da Gran Vía at da height of number 371).

N41: Barcelona – San Sadurní

N51: Barcelona – Esparraguera

Da municipality has an Urban bus service, called SantviBus, wz minimum pass frequencies of 1 hour

Da line 4 my house is da SV3, stop Rosari (then u´ve 2 walk ´bout 500 meters uphill).

Private transport

Da municipality of San Vicente De Los Huertos can be accessed from da BV-2002 road (also called da San Baudilio De Llobregat road), which connects da municipality wz San Baudilio De Llobregat.

Almost in parallel, da BV-2208 or Jacinto Verdaguer street runs through da interior of da municipality, which, next 2 Barcelona street, is 1 of da main arteries of communication & commerce.

2 da north runs da N-340, which connects wz Cuatro Caminos to da AP-2 / B-23 and da Lower Llobregat Motorway, da A-2 through Pallejá

2 da south is da BV-2005 or Torrellas road which ends at da viaduct of San Vicente De Los Huertos (which connects wz da A-2 and da AP-2 / B-23.

Owner & co-host: I´m an Italian person who lived 8 years in Argentina, introverted, shy, intelligent, nice, realistic, gentlemanly, educated.

I´m absolutely legal in da kingdom of Spain.

i like poetry, romantic ballads in castilian, catalan, portuguese, french, italian and english (da other musical genres don´t belong 2 me).

I’m a neat guy, I like 2 talk about different topics, laugh, movies and original subtitled series, exotic restaurants, read history, politics and chronicles, computer science, technology, da etymology of languages, museums & much more.

I like art in all its forms; I dislike goin´ shopping, I prefer tourism´s travelling

Political trends: modern left on Marxism basis & background.

I dislike clubbing (usually i dislike nite life).

Food habits: white meat (pork is red) roast, vegetables, fresh or boiled.

I hate fried meal, onions, peppers, broths & soup.

I drink 100% fruit juices, unsweetened & decaffeinated soft drinks (when available); ´no brand´ near-beer, decaffeinated sweetened cappuccino, sugar free ice tea, sugar free cocoa wz skimmed sweetened milk.

As alternative: malt wz sweetened skimmed milk, low-fat toasts and 100% fruit`s jam.

I`m a no smoker (anything, neither cannabis) & I’m abstemious

I’m a Fast Ring Preview Release Windows 10 + Office 2019 computer expert & a passionate of Android 8 (da last one I got).

I’m an environmentalist & in favor of da rights parity between men & women.

However, still so, I’m simple & good people.

1 of my favorite slogans: ´till always!

Diary cleaning services fees included.

San Vicente de los Huertos has a varied architectural heritage, wz outstanding presence of farmhouses representing da agricultural past of da municipality.

Of da XVI it´s Can Coast, & of da XVII Can Pujador, that conserving still they conserve engravings & sgraffito.

Other interesting constructions r da building of da Town Hall & Can Dalmau – both of modernist period -, da church – wz baroque origins -, da Ateneu, da Friars Mill, Can Comamala or da Café Carbonell – building of 1871.

Inside da festive calendar, in San Vicente de los Huertos highlights da representation of a sacramental car that´s made during da month of march.


  • Bedroom 1
  • Living Room 1
  • Kitchen 1
  • Bathroom 1

Gas installation

  • Piped Gas
  • Bottled Gas

The bedroom

  • Ensuite No

Additional Amenities

  • Outdoor area
  • Wi-fi
  • Accessibility
  • Air conditioning
  • Cable TV
  • Central heating
  • Cleaning included
  • Landlord lives in the property

The bedroom - Features

  • Double Bed
  • Chairs
  • Lock
  • TV
  • Single Bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Balcony
  • Sofa-bed
  • Bed linen
  • Window
  • Table

Living Room - Features

  • Chairs
  • Window
  • Sofa-bed
  • Sofa
  • Coffee table
  • TV
  • Desk
  • Balcony
  • Table

Kitchen - Features

  • Chairs
  • Dryer
  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Window
  • Dishes & cutlery
  • Balcony
  • Pots & pans
  • Washing machine
  • Stove

Bathroom - Features

  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Window
  • Sink
  • Bath tub
  • Linen

Additional Rules

No smokiing inside the house No parties (outloud music, etc.) Friendships reunions allowed (lunches, dinners, barbecue, etc,) Kitchen use included. All regular bills included.



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Languages Italiano, Castellano, Français, English, Catalá, Português

I’m an Italian person who lived 8 years in Argentina, introverted, shy, intelligent, friendly, realistic, gentlemanly, educated. I’m absolutely legal in the Kingdom of Spain. I like poetry, romantic ballads in Castilian, Catalan, Portuguese, French, Italian & English (da other musical genres don´t belong 2 me). I'm a neat guy, I like 2 have conversations ´bout different topics, laugh, movies & original subtitled series, exotic restaurants, readin´ ´bout history, politics & chronicles, computer science, technology, da etymology of languages, museums & much more. I like art in all its forms; I dislike goin´ out 4 shopping but 4 travel (tourism). Political trends: pure left. I dislike clubbing’s (I don´t usually like livin´ da nite). Food habits: White meat (pork is red) roasted, natural or boiled vegetables. I avoid fried meals, onion, pepper, broth and soup. I drink juices fruit, unsweetened & decaffeinated soft drinks (when available); no brand near beer (without alcohol), decaffeinated sweetened cappuccino, cold tea sugar free, ColaCao sugar free wz skimmed milk & wz sweetener. As alternative: malt wz skimmed milk and sweetener, toast fat reduced & sugar free jam fruit. I´m a no smoker (cannabis as well) & an abstemious. I´m a computer literate Windows Ten Preview release expert & passionate of Android 8 (last 1 I got). I´m an environmentalist & in favor of da male-female rights equality. Anyway, I´m simple & good people. 1 of my favorite slogans: UNTIL ALWAYS!


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